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The Cheese

that's Reinventing Snacking

If you’ve tasted it previously, you’re familiar with the key element in poutine that binds everything together - cheese curds. While it’s a staple of this traditional Québec dish, you may not have considered cheese curds as a standalone option, but what if they were? Introducing our NIBBLERS® natural cheese snacks, a delightful twist on snacking that the whole family will applaud. Whether you’re looking for a source of protein   to pack in the kids’ lunchbox or a snack to bring to work for yourself, NIBBLERS® will satisfy that need without compromising on taste!

The Best Snack in Every Possible Way?

At snack time, it can be hard to convince everyone in the family to choose the option that’s best for them. Well, not anymore with the new NIBBLERS® - their innovative flavours, mimicking that of chips, will have everyone demand an encore!

While providing the perfect snack-size serving, NIBBLERS® cheese snacks are high in protein to sustain an active lifestyle. Since they are available in three distinct flavours, it won’t be hard to convince everyone in the family that they’re an ideal hunger crusher. Love the smokey taste of bacon? Try our Smokey Bacon-flavoured NIBBLERS®, they’re savoury as can be! If you’re feeling funky, give our Sour Cream & Onion flavour a go. And if you’re feeling like enjoying cheese snacks simply for themselves and their divine texture—well, go for the Original flavour. No matter the flavour, NIBBLERS are the natural cheese snack you can indulge in without any guilt .

Real Cheese for Real Good Snacking

Armstrong’s selection of cheese snacks makes your day simpler. No matter your mood or preferences, you are sure to find an option that will not only satisfy your craving, but also provides the nutrients essential to a busy and active life. Our cheese sticks are made from natural cheese and are a source of protein and calcium . They’re wrapped individually—ideal for the lunchbox!—and available in many delicious flavours. Marble, Old Cheddar, Smoke-flavoured Cheddar, Mozzarella, Monterey Jack with Jalapeño, and more! Get ready for snack time to become the most anticipated moment of the day.

One Snack is Good, Two is Great

Want to pack an exciting and nutritious snack that will embellish the day of both kids and adults? Try Armstrong Combo Packs, the smart mix of cheese sticks and meat sticks—all in one fun pack. Convenient and nutritious , our Mozzarella & Naturally Smoked Salami Combo are a source of protein containing 90 calories or less per stick. So is the Marble & Naturally Smoked Ham Sausage Sticks package, that will sure please the whole family at work, at school, or on the go!

A New Era of Snacks

It used to be tricky to find something to put in the kids’ lunchboxes that they will both enjoy and get nutrition from. Armstrong NIBBLERS® are just that—the snack they’ll be happy to find in their lunchbox, or at home after school! Boasting high-protein content , they’ll provide the extra kick during the day. And make sure you pack some for yourself to take to work! You’re on the go? NIBBLERS® are perfect to be carried around in an insulated lunchbox. No matter the snack-time situation, you’ll be delighted with your choice of delicious cheese. Safe to say that with NIBBLERS®, snack time will never be the same.