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grilled cheese Sandwiches: 6 recipes for cheese lovers

Few recipes speak of comfort and easiness like a delicious, homemade grilled cheese sandwich. But behind this melted cheese-and-bread staple of our childhood lies a universe of possibilities: gourmet and creative twists on a classic that will ravish the most demanding cheese connoisseur. Think replacing the sliced cheddar with swiss cheese, mozzarella or smoke-flavoured cheddar, for example. Or adding meat to make it more complete–why not! That's right, we are talking about a reinvented grilled cheese de luxe, where an exploration of the mouth-watering realm of cheese is not only suggested, but necessary. The possibilities are endless. Why change a classic? To unveil new ones, of course. 

Grilled Cheese: Our favourite Recipes

Grilled Cheese With Pulled Pork and Medium Cheddar 

The grilled cheese sandwich is soaring in popularity. The proof is in the grilled cheese: many restaurants are now offering their take on this age-old classic, especially along lines ressembling this pulled pork grilled cheese. And understandably–it’s the classic grilled cheese, using your favourite bread and Armstrong Medium Cheddar, but with the added magic of pulled pork. You’ll see, it’s even more delicious than it’s easy to make. Now that’s a combo your busy schedule (and your cravings) will want to get behind.

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Grilled Cheese With Flank Steak, Mushrooms, Onions and Marble Cheddar

Sometimes, the fusion of two classic results in something even greater. This sandwich, for example, blends the steak and mushroom sandwich with the quintessential grilled cheddar cheese sandwich we’ve grown to love. Benefitting from Armstrong Marble Cheddar's rich and unique taste, this is gourmet sandwich-making at its finest. Some matches are made in heaven; others in your frying pan at home. 

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 Gourmet Grilled Cheese 

This quick-to-make creation is a medley of refined flavours. Using merely a fresh tomato spread–olives, tomatoes, garlic, parsley–and a generous amount of Armstrong Mexican Fiesta Cheese Slices, it is a testimony to the power (and deliciousness) of simple things. 

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Grilled Cheese With Smoke-Flavoured Cheddar Cheese

New favourite lunch alert! You love Smoke-flavoured Cheddar Cheese? This grilled cheese sandwich pairs its richness perfectly with the tartness of an onion marinade and the full flavour of turkey sausage. Try this new take on the beloved grilled ham and cheese sandwich today–you’ll be thanking us tomorrow. 

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Swiss Grilled Cheese 

Refined decadence at its best. Arugula, mushrooms, butternut squash, onions: it turns out that these delicious ingredients, when paired with Armstrong’s Sliced Swiss Cheese, can make literal magic. You simply won’t believe all the layers of flavours contained in this instant classic.

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Meat Lovers Grilled Cheese Recipe

Looking for a meal idea that will delight the whole family? You’ve found one. This charcuterie-forward sandwich pairs the rich deliciousness of Armstrong Medium Cheddar Cheese Slices with salami and smoky bacon—wow! This recipe has the power to turn a Tuesday night at home into your week’s highlight.

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What cheeses are best for a grilled cheese sandwich? 

  1. Cheddar Cheese: this everyday cheese is the beloved of Canadian families. But did you know it’s also a multifaceted cheese that comes in all flavours and styles? Try an old cheddar if you are looking for character and depth, or a mild one if you are simply craving its soft and rich texture. And such versatility: sliced, shredded, marble, and even flavoured, there’s nothing cheddar can’t be. Let inspiration–and your tastebuds–guide you. Your grilled cheese sandwich is a blank canvas, and your Armstrong Cheddar a muse.

  2. Swiss Cheese: The heavenly texture and hints of hazelnut flavours of Armstrong Swiss Cheese Slices make it the perfect central component of a grilled cheese sandwich. Pairing perfectly with deli meats, and designed to be even better melted, it’s what you need to turn a simple grilled sandwich into a memorable event. 

  3. Mexican Fiesta: This marble cheddar with added jalapeño peppers adds a little southern heat to any of your recipes.

  4. Havarti Slices: The famous buttery sweetness of our Havarti cheese, offered in slices; perfect to add a touch of refinement to any grilled cheese or burger.  

  5. Monterey Jack with Jalapenos: Pleasantly spicy, this jalapeño-enhanced Monterey Jack lends a kick to your culinary creations.

  6. Smoke-flavoured Cheddar Cheese Slices: Creamy and light cheddar with a smokey flavour as a bonus. Takes your classic recipes a notch above.

  7. Mozzarella Slices: Famous for its milky, slightly salty flavour, and melting deliciously in the heat, mozzarella has a knack for taking sandwiches from good to unforgettable. 

Keep in mind that there are endless possibilities to jazz up a sandwich. Switch up the bread you use; try new condiments or mix some you haven’t thought of before; use new, original garnishes; mix different cheeses, like Swiss and Cheddar, or let your imagination wander and try another type of Armstrong cheese completely. Above all, have fun!