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Cheddar for any


Although there’s a huge selection of cheeses to cook with and serve as happy hour treats, there’s no need to neglect the long-time king of all cheeses: Cheddar Cheese. Whether it’s mild, medium, old, extra old or marbled, it will please any palate. Cheddar Cheese pairings with food, as well as alcoholic beverages, are almost endless. Discover the many facets of comforting Cheddar Cheese.


Mild Cheddar Cheese and Marble Cheddar Cheese

Whether you’re having breakfast or brunch, accompany your Mild Cheddar Cheese or Marble Cheddar Cheese with all types of fruit: apples, pears, strawberries, grapes, fresh figs or peaches. Throw in some croissants or sliced raisin bread for the perfect pairing of sweet and savoury!

For cocktail hour, Mild Cheddar Cheese and Marble Cheddar Cheese work wonders with contrasting flavour profiles—think bitter black beer or, on the more classic end, amber beer. For the perfect cheddar and wine pairing, opt for a rosé from Provence or a dry white wine (i.e. Riesling or Pinot) so you don’t drown out the subtle notes of the cheese.

Medium Cheddar Cheese

Served with a light red wine (Gamay, Merlot, Pinot Noir), Medium Cheddar Cheese is at its finest. It’s also ideal alongside a full-bodied white, like Chardonnay or Gewürztraminer. Well-rounded dark and red beers are superior pairings for this firm cheese.

Old Cheddar Cheese

As a well-matured cheese, the sharpness of Old Cheddar Cheese pairs well with an equally strong ale or cider. Even so, Old Cheddar Cheese and a Cabernet Sauvignon are an undoubtful dynamic duo that will be sure to please all palates alike. Hungry for more? Cut pieces of this savory cheese with apple slices on the side, a flavourful and nutritious snack that will keep you satisfied between meals!  

Yes, antipasti is an Italian thing, but that shouldn’t stop you from serving it alongside some nice Extra Old Cheddar Cheese, a fabulous alternative to Parmigiano or Romano. Freestyle with what you’ve got in the fridge and cupboards. Throw in some olives, roasted peppers, marinated artichoke hearts, crispy breadsticks, plus some slices of prosciutto, and you can consider your antipasti respectable. When the meal’s over, serve some Extra Old Cheddar Cheese with a small glass of your favourite digestif, like ice cider, Sauternes or Porto.

Flavoured Cheddar Cheese

Need to switch up your on-the-go snacks? Pair the Smoke Flavoured Cheddar Cheese sticks or Garden Herb Cheddar Cheese sticks with some cherry tomatoes, for an oh-so delicious taste! For a quick and easy appetizer, serve Garlic & Herb Cheddar Cheese on a biscuit with a drizzle of honey or simply topped with a basil leaf – sure to enhance the bold flavours.